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  1. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons TSR etc.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons first edition
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook (revised, new cover) .
TSR 1979. 9print and 9th+ circa 1983 on. 2 copies avail.

[DL1] Dragonlance Adventure Dragons of Despair
An Adventure for character levels 4-6. Some wear, wear / small tear to bottom booklet fold and spine creasing / wear.

Oriental Adventures / Forgotten Realms / Kara-Tur [the Eastern Realms]

OA1 Swords of the Daimyo - David "Zeb" Cook

OA2 Night of the Seven Swords - Pickens, Cook, Johnson, Swan, Carmien and Ritchie.

OA3 Ochimo The Spirit Warrior - Jeff Grubb.

OA5 Mad Monkey vs. the Dragon Claw - Jeff Grubb.

OA7 Test of the Samurai - Rick Swan.

OA Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms [ex-box set.]
Contents:  2 books / Volumes I and II, 4 maps, 1 grid / map overlay.

RS1 Red Sonja Unconquered - Anne Gray McCready. An Adventure for character levels 10-14.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons second edition

TSR9266 Battlesystem Miniatures rules

RR3 Accessory Van Richten's Guide to Vampires.
RR5 Accessory Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts.
RR7 Accessory Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts.
Van Richten's Guide to the Created.
Forged of Darkness G to F

other - TSR1146
Requiem ex-box 1996 set (book only)

Role Aids
RA710 Role Aids Fez II The Contract 1983 Mayfair Games
RA730 Fantastic Treasures II - M to Z Role Aids 1985 Allen Hammack


  1. Ars Magica 3rd and 4th ed (White Wolf / Atlas Games etc.)

Ars Magica 4th edition (Trident Publishing / Atlas Games)
AG0204 Ars Magica sourcebook – the Art of Magic Fourth Edition.
AG258 Wizard's Grimoire (Revised)

Mythic Perspectives Autumn 1999 No. 09 (an Ars Magica magazine)
Mythic Perspectives Summer 2000 No. 10 (an Ars Magica magazine)

Ars Magica 3rd edition (White Wolf / Wizards of the Coast)
WOC1500 Medieval handbook – A Guide to the Realms of Medieval Europe

  1. Dungeons and Dragons / d20 system TSR etc.

GGG4010 Gamemastering Secrets, Second Edition (Fudge), Fudge / d20 sys

MYG0004 Mystic Warriors: A d20 Warrior's Sourcebook (Mystic Eye Games) - The Hunt : Rise of Evil

PEG13004  Afrika Korpse Weird War II sup. d20 sys Pinnacle Ent.
PEG13006 Land of the Rising Dead Weird War II   sup. d20 sys Pinnacle Ent.

Ravenloft Sword and Sorcery 3rd / 3.5 ed
WW15001 Secrets of the Dread Realms (book only)  
WW15004 Dungeon Master's Guide hardcover 3 / 3.5
WW15010 Van Richten's Arsenal vol. 1
WW15020 to WW15023 Gazeteers I to IV only

  1. FASA Shadowrun 1st ed.

Shadowrun first edition

FASA7106 Grimoire - Paul Hume.
FASA7302 Mercurial in concert Underworld - Paul R. Hume Presentation
FASA7303 Dreamchipper - James D. Long
FASA7308  Total Eclipse - William Tracey
FASA7309 Imago - Carl Sargent

  1. FASA other

FASA8007 Crimson Skies - Pride of the Republic
FASA9201 Iytean Menace Doctor Who RPG
FASA9206 City of Gold Doctor Who RPG

  1. GDW Twilight: 2000

511 Free City of Krakow GDW 1985 (2 copies both G to VG one in open SW)
518 Kidnapped GDW 1988 SW
520 Mediterranean Cruise Last sub #2 mod GDW 1988 SW
526 NATO vehicle guide GDW 1989 G
527 White Eagle GDW 1989 SW VG


  1. I.C.E. Rolemaster

[Note: we have a lot of early ed Rolemaster -- repricing / better photos etc. on to-do list]
Companions I to V various copies / some editions
Rolemaster supplements incl. Creatures and Treasures and Arms & Claw Law

  1. I.C.E. - other

Champions RPG HER403 Classic Enemies SB Hero Games / I.C.E.


  1. RPG books Other

Forwao's Chronicle of Realms Wair-Rae Unae Book One Australian Realms 1996

- Babylon Project GM resource kit 1998
Babylon Project Source book 2 copies.

Optimus Design Systems, Battlelord's Guides to:
ODS501A Uncle Ernie's Minions of Doom - The Battlelords Guide to Pain
ODS701A Condemned - the Battlelord's guide to the Damned

Bloodshadows rpg Mean Streets for  Bloodshadows1994 SW open G to VG includes GM screen

Chill RPG
Chill Companion [hc VG SW open] ( Mayfair Games 1991)
The Beast within sup. for Chill rpg Mayfair games Good to fair only

1001 Deadlands Weird West rpg - HC corner edge wear esp. one corner of cover.
(Dreampod9) Jovian Chronicles  Lightning Strike source [book only - price tba] and Call to Arms sup.2 first ed

SJG01695 GURPS Supers (Poor to Fair) 2nd ed Steve Jackson Games

Heaven and Earth Players' Guide Guardians of Order 2001 NM SW
Tri-Stat Compatible game

Kryomek - 25mm SF Skirmish Combat System Fantasy Forge Publications - Scottish rpg [VG - back pages ripple due to all the cards / resources]
KULT Taroticum From London to Inferno (Adventures for Kult) #5004 good to very good condition

Legions of Steel Scenario pack I

Global Games 1993. VG to Good SW open.
Legions of Steel box set required to play.

Lost Souls 2nd ed Dec 1992 by Sage Lore Productions SL? 2002  (later editions were published by Marquee
Leviathan - Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Battle System - Grendel Productions 1995 Stock#5801 - book only

Mecha! Spirit Warrior Empire (an expansion for Mecha!) Seventh Street Games 1991 G to VG

Mutazoids 2e WPI 2001[EX/VG]

Nobilis - The Game of Powers - Live-Action Supplement for Nobilis G to VG
 HOG 602 Hogshead Publishing  2002

Pantheon and other roleplaying games SW

Paranoia rpg - Gamma-lot supplement  Post-Crash adventure  SW open, Vg

Runedice book Flying Buffalo 1993 NM SW but *no dice*

Star Fleet Battles Task Force Games
Star Fleet Battles Captains Module P2 X-Ships
Star Fleet Battles - Captains Log #12 - 3 copies

Stargrunt II SF Combat Rules Ground Zero Games 1996 SW. FMA system.

some counters missing -- rest unpunched
"Generic rules for simulating SF infantry Combat…designed for use with 25mm scale miniatures, will function equally well with 15mm or other scales"

Star Trek Next Gen. rpg The First Line - Starfleet Intelligence hb

Return of the Ravagers Adventure for Superbabes (The Femforce Role-Playing Game) Tri-city Games 1995  SW  VG

Tactica Medieval Rulebook Quantum printing 1992 Sw VG to EX

Traveller RPG
Marooned on Ghostring SF adventure (Judges Guild approx 1981) VG in shrinkwrap
2 Starships (T4) Marc Miller's Traveller 4th ed Good

Tunnels and Trolls
first ed TnT Arena of Khazan solo adventure 12 as is

The World of The Petal Throne  / Empire of the Petal Throne
Swords and Glory books 1 and 2  (supplements) Tekumel



  1. RPG mags etc.

Mimesis x3 - same issue
Challenge magazine Issue 31 (1987) (Traveller, MegaTraveller, Twilight: 2000, 2300 AD) GDW
Amazing Stories mag vol. 66 No.10 Feb 1992 TSR
JagdPanther Issue 15 (October 1976). published as Battlefield magazine
GW01 Grey Worlds for the Role playing games of I.C.E.
Europa No.32 battle for Kiev 1943


  1. R. Talsorian Cyberpunk / 2020

CP3701 Chrome supplement vol.1 1991 G to F
CP3301 Cyberpunk Near Orbit Space supplement  P
CP3371 Neo Tribes - the Nomads of North America

CP3341 Eco Front - documents of the revolution sb for CyberGeneration .


  1. R. Talsorian Mekton

Mekton II  - SF Roleplaying and Mecha combat in the far future

MK 1003
Mekton Zeta sourcebook, Anime Role playing game.

MK 1101 Mecha Manual 1 MEKTON [Zeta]   
Mekton Wars 1: Invasion Terra   Mekton Wars battlebook #1

MK1101 and MK 1801 (set of 2)
Mekton Wars 1: Invasion Terra  Mekton Wars battlebook #1 and;
Mekton [Zeta] Mecha Manual 2: the invasion Terra Files

MK 1211 Starblade Battalion Mekton - An Anime Campaign setting for Mekton [Zeta]. Good to very good, some
corner wear, shrink wrap almost off.

MK 1301 Mekton Empire sourcebook.  Science fiction adventure in a distant universe (for) Mekton Zeta Mekton Plus

MK 1402 Advanced Technical Manual, Mekton Zeta Plus. Advanced Technical Manual (some corner wear when shrink

MK 1501 Mekton - Operation: Rimfire, for use with Mekton II Mekton Techbook, 1993

MK 1901 Mekton Zeta tactical display Referee expansion


  1. R. Talsorian Other

Champions HE10001 New Millenium sb Hero Games / R. Talsorian SW VG


  1. Nightfall games - SLA INDUSTRIES

Nightfall games - SLA INDUSTRIES
HP500 SLA Industries rulebook v.1.1
WOC1201 Karma SLA Industries

  1. TSR other [Alternity and SAGA]


TSR1150 Heroes of Steel books only.
TSR9517 Heroes of Defiance books only.
TSR9517 Heroes of Defiance [box set]
TSR9543 Heroes of Sorcery books only.

TSR06931 Avengers - Masters of Evil  Adventure #2 for MARVEL Super Heroes Adventure Game.


TSR2802 Alternity - Stardrive Campaign setting -  (1998) . Hardcover
TSR11615 the Killing Jar, Dark • Matter adventure,  Bruce R Cordell.


  1. White Wolf / WoD - VAMPIRE: the Masquerade etc.

WW2051 Brujah Clanbook (1992)
WW2053 Malkavian Clanbook (1993)

WW2090 [Giovanni Chronicles I]  the Last Supper (1995) V:tM

WW2205 The Hunters Hunted
WW2221 The Mummy
WW2255 Storytellers handbook to the Sabbat
WW2410 Cairo by Night VAMPIRE the Masquerade
WW5201 MET The Elders Revenge playbook only
Add other Clan books
WW2350 Assamite Clanbook VtM revised ed.
WW2354 Nosferatu Clanbook VtM revised ed.
WW2360 Followers of Set Clanbook VtM revised ed.
WW2361 Tzimisce Clanbook VtM revised ed.

Lore of the Clans GM screen 2016 (kickstarter)


  1. Warhammer*

WH Fantasy sb 6th ed
Ravening Hordes good to fair condition $15

Warhammer 40K
Chaos Space Marines Codex
Tau Empire codex
Clan Raakan sup for Chaos Space Marines HC DJ

  1. GDW Twilight: 2000

520 Mediterranean Cruise Twilight 2000
511 Free City of Krakow Twilight 2000
518 Kidnapped Twilight 2000
526 NATO vehicle guide Twilight 2000
527 White Eagle Twilight 2000



  1. Unpriced etc.

  -- EOIs welcome -- otherwise, pricing is in progress
Universe [SPI 1981]
The Role-Playing Game of the Future
(Gamemasters' Guide, Screen & resources)
1 full set -- no box
1 part set (GM screen GM Guide & Star System log -- for Players) - no box

D&D set 3, Companion rules, 1984. Books 1 & 2 only - no box. Slight wear to cover esp. Book 2.

AD&D first ed. Revised,
DM screen   TSR 1986. Screen only [REF1], some wear.

AD&D revised TSR 9504
DM Screen and Master Index. *No Screen*  1995
AD&D revised TSR 2149
Player's Option : Combat & Tactics HC VG

WW2250 Children of the Inquisition V:tM White Wolf 1992 (wear to cover)
Who's Who among Vampires

V:tm (Revised)
WW2301 Vampire Storytellers Companion 1998 (no screen)
WW2305 Vampire Players Guide  HC 2003 VGC

WW2424 Guide to the Anarchs - A Mandate for Revolution HC 2002 VGC

personalities of sanctuary, Thieves' World. Chaosium approx. 1981. First in line R.
Think ex-box set. Edition tbc.
Prince Valiant, Chaosium 1989. G to VG

The Compleat Alchemist, Adventurer & Spellcaster (set of 3)Bard Games 1983.
 supplements for other game systems e.g. AD&D first ed.

Dangerous Journeys Gygax (missing book 1) $55 lot or as below
Necropolis and the land of AEgypt Campaign Scenario 5004 edge / corner wear
Epic of AErth (Companion vol.) 5001 edge / corner wear GDW
Mythus Magick (Mythus Fantasy RPG Game Book II with Dave Newton) 5002 edge / corner wear
Mythus GM screen aka booklet 1992 VG

Various Horus Heresy / Black Library novels, a couple of Duel Master pairs etc.
First ed Doctor Who novel hc
Star Wars pop-up book…fair only
Buffy Topp Trumps
X-files collector cards (3 sets)
Angel collector cards one set

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