TSR other

TSR Other - Includes SAGA and Alternity.


  • TSR06931 Avengers Masters of Evil Adventure 2 SAGA

    TSR06931 Avengers - Masters of Evil ( featuring the Thunderbolts) Adventure #2 for MARVEL Super Heroes Adventure Game. Uses the SAGA Game rules from the Marvel Super Heroes adventure game. Marvel Comics / TSR / WOC 1998. G to VG SW open slight wear.



  • TSR1150 Heroes of Steel books only

    TSR1150 Heroes of Steel books only Dragonlance 5th Age SAGA. Unboxed: Book one and Book two (no map). Both books are unused and in good condition.


  • TSR11615 the Killing Jar Dark Matter

    TSR11615 the Killing Jar, Dark • Matter adventure,  Bruce R Cordell, Wizards of the Coast / Alternity RPG 2000. Campaign for Dark Matter or any other modern-day conspiracy campaign using the Alternity Science Fiction role playing game rules   VG ex-shop SW slightly open.


  • TSR2802 STAR*DRIVE Campaign setting

    TSR2802 STAR*DRIVE Campaign setting for Alternity RPG,  David Eckelberry, Richard Baker 1998 WOC TSR. Gamemaster Guide for use with the player's handbook etc: Overview of the "future history" of humanity The world of 2501... Descriptions of the 13 Stellar nations of Old Space A detailed look at the Verge, the mixture of settled worlds and unclaimed space... A Hero Creation chapter ...how to make heroic adventures in the STAR*DRIVE setting Very slight wear to base of spine. VG SW is off. Hardcover.


  • TSR9517 Heroes of Defiance books only

    TSR9517 Heroes of Defiance [books only] SAGA Dragonlance No box, no map  Both books are unused and in good condition (some misshapeness, pos. due to shrink being too tight...need to be flattened) so G to F.


  • TSR9517 Heroes of Defiance SAGA Dragonlance

    TSR9517 Heroes of Defiance [box set] Dragonlance Fifth Age dramatic supplement / adventure. Steve Millar. 1997. Dragonlance, 5th Age TSR / Wizards of the Coast SAGA system Containing book one, book two and map. The books and map are unused. Book One: Cloak and Dagger Book Two: Storm Over Krynn Map - The Isle of Northern Ergoth colour poster folded Although box is present it is in poor condition (misshapen) no tears, all else very good.



  • TSR9543 Heroes of Sorcery books only

    TSR9543 Heroes of Sorcery, books only. Dragonlance 5th Age SAGA. unboxed: Book one and Book two (no map). Both books are unused and in good condition.



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