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  • WW5201 MET The Elders Revenge playbook only

    WW5201 MET The Elder's Revenge (playbook only). Includes THE PRINCE: America in Three Acts by Jennifer Donaldson. Chronicle for the Masquerade [Vampire LARP supplement], 1995 Mind's Eye Theatre / White Wolf. G to VG. Image is a placeholder. Elder's Revenge character book not included. From inside cover: This supplement uses material and rules presented in other Mind's Eye Theatre products: specifically Masquerade 2nd edition, the Masquerade Player's Kit and Antagonists. Possession of these rules is strongly recommended. Please note: Shipping in the subcategory is per shipment at $13.40. -- which is too high for this book by itself. Extra is absorbed by us. If less, difference is refunded to you or invoice is adjusted before payment.    




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