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Books online as at 22 November 2020 may incl. recently sold. Visit online shop for more info / prices. On mobile, list best viewed in landscape view.

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game books / RPG related novels:
 Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Warhammer 40K novel
 Cycle of Hatred World of Warcraft novel

 Deadlands Ghostwalkers novel sold
 DuelMaster 1 Challenge of the Magi set 1 sold
 Duelmaster 1 Challenge of the Magi set 2 sold
 DuelMaster 3 Shattered Realm books 1 and 2 sold

 Fall of Magic Dungeons and Dragons novel 

 Fighting Fantasy 12 Space Assassin Green  sold 
 Fighting Fantasy 4 Starship Traveller Blue  sold 
 Fighting Fantasy 6 Deathtrap Dungeon Blue  sold 
 Fighting Fantasy 7 Island of the Lizard King Green  sold
 Forgotten Realms Avatar Trilogy book 3 by Richard Awlinson

 Forgotten Realms Icewind Dale Trilogy set sold

 Forgotten Realms Legend of Drizzt books 2 and 3 by R.A. Salvatore
 Forgotten Realms Maztica Trilogy books 1 and 2 by Douglas Niles
 Forgotten Realms The Priests book 1 by Bruce R. Cordell
 Forgotten Realms Transitions Trilogy book 3 by R.A. Salvatore
 Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Christian Dunn
 Horus Heresy Prospero Burns Dan Abnett
 Horus Heresy Tallarn Executioner and Ironclad hc
 Legends of Lone Wolf Omnibus copy 1
 Legends of Lone Wolf Omnibus copy 2
 Legends Of Skyfall 3 Mine Of Torments

 The Way Of The Tiger 2 Assassin!  sold 

 Ventrue Vampire Dark Ages novel 12

 Warhammer Warblade David Ferring sold
 Where the Shadows Stalk Forbidden Gateway sold
RPG books incl. mags:

 ADnD 1e DM screen TSR 1985 REF1 sold
 ADnD 1e Players handbook hc copy1  sold 
 ADnD 1e Players handbook hc copy2  sold 
 ADnD 2e Master Index only TSR 9504  sold 
 ADnD 2e Players Option Combat and Tactics  hc sold

 ADnD 1e TSR9150 / CA1 Lankhmar - Swords of the Undercity
 D&D 1e Set 3:  Companion rules - books only no box 1984 TSR1031
 D&D rule book only from 1991 board game TSR1070

 Adventures for Kult Taroticum From London to Inferno
 Amazing Stories vol. LXVI  No.10 Feb 1992

 Ars Magica 3rd ed Medieval handbook sold

 Ars Magica 4th ed Source book  AG0204 available

 Ars Magica 4th ed. Wizards Grimoire Revised Edition AG0258
 Ars Magica Mythic Perspectives no 10 Summer 2000 
 Ars Magica Mythic Perspectives no 9 Autumn 1999 sold
 Babylon Project sb and GM resource kit 1998  sold 

 Babylon Project Source book 1997
 Battlelords guide to the Damned - Condemned 
 Battlelords guide to pain Uncle Ernies Minions of Doom
 Bloodshadows RPG Mean Streets sup and GM screen

 Challenge magazine No. 31 GDWs Magazine of Adventure Gaming

 Champions Classic Enemies copy 1 sold
 Champions Classic Enemies copy 2 sold

 Champions Classic Enemies copy 3 to be added SW
 Champions rpg Champions New Millenium
 Crimson Skies sup Pride of the Republic
 Cyberpunk Eco Front documents of the revolution
 Cyberpunk Near Orbit
 Cyberpunk Neo Tribes the Nomads of North America

 Cyberpunk style guide Chromebook sold

 Deadlands the Weird West role playing game sb sold

 Doctor Who RPG mod City of Gold
 Doctor Who RPG mod Iytean Menace
 Europa mag No.32 battle for Kiev 1943

 Fading Suns Second edition:

 FS202 Source book hardcover  sold 
 FS200 Source book soft cover  
 FS225 Forbidden Lore: Technology
 FS227 Weird Places
 FS228 Priests of the Celestial Sun
 FS230 Dark Between the Stars
 FS231 Merchants of the Jumpweb
 FS235 War in the Heavens: Lifeweb
 FS236 Imperial Survey 1
 FS237 Legions of the Empire
 FS238 Imperial Survey 1 
 FS275 Byzantium Secundus
 Lords of the Known Worlds

 Fudge 2nd ed Gamemastering Secrets

 Grey Worlds for the Role playing games of I.C.E. sold

 GURPS Supers
 Gladiator boxed (Avalon Hill)
 Heaven and Earth Player's Guide (Guardians of Order)
 JagdPanther 1976 aka Battlefield magazine
 Kryomek 25mm SF Skirmish combat system copy 2 SW 

 Kryomek 25mm SF Skirmish combat system  copy 1 sold

 Leviathan Post-apocalyptic fantasy Grendel 1995
 Live Action rules for Nobilis Game of Powers
 Lost Souls 2nd edition

 Man Myth and Magic Book III only
 Mekton Empire sourcebook MK1301
 Mekton II MK1002
 Mekton Operation Rimfire MK1501
 Mekton  Zeta Invasion Terra pack MK1701 and MK1801
 Mekton  Zeta Mekton Wars I Invasion Terra
 Mekton  Zeta Mekton Wars I Invasion Terra Copy 4
 Mekton Zeta Plus MK1402
 Mekton Zeta sourcebook MK1003
 Mekton Zeta Starblade Battalion MK1211
 Mekton Zeta tactical display MK1901
 Mutazoids 2nd edition
 Mystic Warriors

 Paranoia rpg Gamma-lot sup
 Prince Valiant rpg sb Chaosium
 Role Aids Fantastic Treasures II M to Z
 Role Aids Fez II The Contract

 Rolemaster 2e [1st or 2nd print aka red spine]:
 Companion I
 Companion II
 Companion III only one copy 
 Companion IV
 Companion V
 Arms Law and Claw Law
 Creatures and Treasures
 Heroes and Rogues
 Spell Law (2e 1st and 2e 2nd print)

 Rolemaster 3e
 Mentalism Companion (signed)
 Arms Law
 Runedice book only Flying Buffalo

 SAGA Avengers - Master of Evil sup.
 Shadowrun 1st ed Mercurial in concert
 Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Dreamchipper copy 1
 Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Dreamchipper copy 2
 Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Grimoire
 Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Imago
 Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Total Eclipse

 SLA Industries Karma sup sold
 SLA Industries main rulebook v.1.1 sold

 Star Fleet Battles Captains Module P2 X-Ships
 Starfleet Intelligence handbook - the First Line
 Stargrunt II SF Combat Rules 1996
 Tactica Medieval rulebook
 Traveller rpg supp Marooned on Ghost Ring no map
 Traveller rpg T4 Starships
 Tunnels and Trolls Arena of Khazan solo adventure 12
 Twilight:2000 rpg 511 Free City of Krakow
 Twilight:2000 rpg 518 Kidnapped
 Twilight:2000 rpg 520 Mediterranean Cruise
 Twilight:2000 rpg 526 NATO vehicle guide
 Twilight:2000 rpg 527 White Eagle

 VtM Cairo by Night sourcebook  sold 

 VtM Clanbook Assamite first ed.

 VtM Clanbook Assamite revised ed. WW2350 sold
 VtM Clanbook Brujah WW2051 sold
 VtM Clanbook Followers of Set revised ed.  sold 

 VtM Clanbook Malkavian WW2053
 VtM Clanbook Nosferatu revised ed.

 VtM Clanbook Tzimisce revised ed. sold

 VtM Giovanni Chronicles I to IV set
 VtM Guide to the Anarchs hc
 VtM Lore of the Clans Storyteller screen V20

 VtM Players Guide hc sold
 VtM Storytellers Companion 1998 sold

 VtM Storytellers handbook to the Sabbat WW2255
 VtM The Elders Revenge playbook only
 VtM The Hunters Hunted

 VtM WtA WoD The Mummy sourcebook  sold 

 VtM Ventrue Chronicle

 Warhammer Fantasy codex Ravening Hordes
 Warhammer Fantasy playsheet laminated 
 Warhammer Fantasy Battles sourcebook Sixth ed hc
 Warhammer 40K codex Chaos Space Marines
 Warhammer 40K codex Clan Raukaan hc special ed
 Warhammer 40K codex Tau Empire

 Weird War II Afrika Korpse  PEG13004
 Weird War II Land of the Rising Dead
 WoD Shadows of the UK hardcover 
 World of the Petal Throne Tekumel supps Swords and Glory books 1 and 2