booklist RPG and game books etc

Booklist RPG and games books etc.

Secondhand RPG books and Game books etc. in stock and online

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Product NamePrice
Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Warhammer 40K novel26
ADnD 1e Players handbook hc copy140
ADnD 1e Players handbook hc copy224
ADnD N1 modsold
ADnD 2e DM screen TSR 1985 REF120
ADnD 2e Wild things mod only40
ADnD Master Index missing Dm screen TSR950414
Adventures for Kult Taroticum From London to Inferno 20.5
Amazing Stories vol. LXVI No.10 Feb 199216
Ars Magica 4th ed Source book AG0204 16
Ars Magica 4th ed. Wizards Grimoire Revised Edition AG0258 11
Ars Magica Medieval handbook 3rd ed22
Ars Magica Mythic Perspectives no 10 Summer 2000 13
Ars Magica Mythic Perspectives no 9 Autumn 1999 9
Australian Realms Forwaos Chronicle of the Realmssold
Babylon Project sb and GM resource kit 199852
Babylon Project Source book 1997 20
Battlelords guide to pain Uncle Ernies Minions of Doom ODS501A 16
Battlelords guide to the Damned Condemned ODS701A 16
Challenge magazine No. 31 GDWs Magazine of Adventure Gaming9
Champions Classic Enemies HER403 7
Champions rpg Champions New Millenium22
Crimson Skies sup Pride of the Republic FASA8007 24
Cyberpunk Eco Front documents of the revolution CP3341 18
Cyberpunk Near Orbit CP3301 8
Cyberpunk Neo Tribes the Nomads of North America CP3371 20
Cyberpunk style guide Chromebook CP3701 8
Deadlands sb Weird West rpg 30
Doctor Who RPG sup City of Gold FASA9206 26
Doctor Who RPG sup Iytean Menace FASA9201 24
DuelMaster 1 Challenge of the Magi set 128
Duelmaster 1 Challenge of the Magi set 232
DuelMaster 3 Shattered Realm36
Europa No.32 battle for Kiev 19436
Fighting Fantasy 4 Starship Traveller Blue 3
Fighting Fantasy 6 Deathtrap Dungeon Blue 3
Fighting Fantasy 7 Island of the Lizard King Green3
Fudge 2nd ed Gamemastering Secrets GGG4010 36
Grey Worlds for the Role playing games of I.C.E. GW01 9
GURPS Supers SJG01695 8
Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Christian Dunn9
Horus Heresy Prospero Burns Dan Abnett6
Horus Heresy Tallarn Executioner and Ironclad hc42
JagdPanther 1976 aka Battlefield magazine26
Kryomek 25mm SF Skirmish combat system26
Legions of Steel Scenario pack I global games21
Leviathan Post-apocalyptic fantasy Grendel 199520
Live Action rules for Nobilis Game of Powers HOG602 22
Lost Souls 2nd edition24
Man Myth and Magic Book III only22
Mekton Empire sourcebook MK1301 24
Mekton II MK1002 24
Mekton Operation Rimfire MK1501 20
MEKTON Zeta Mecha Manual 1 MK1101 20.5
MEKTON Zeta Mecha Manuals 1 and 2 MK1101 / MK1801 42
Mekton Zeta Plus MK1402 28
Mekton Zeta sourcebook MK1003 20.5
Mekton Zeta Starblade Battalion MK121119
Mekton Zeta tactical display MK1901 20
Mutazoids 2nd edition13
Mystic Warriors MYG000424
Paranoia rpg Gamma-lot Post-Crash adventure 18
Players Option Combat and Tactics hc27
Prince Valiant rpg sb Chaosium34
Ravenloft Gazetteers I to IV - part set of four133
Ravenloft Sword and Sorcery Dungeon Masters Guide WW15004 38
Role Aids Fantastic Treasures II M to Z RA730 13
Role Aids Fez II The Contract RA710 11
Runedice book only Flying Buffalo13
SAGA Avengers Masters of Evil Adventure 2 TSR06931 19
SAGA Dragonlance Heroes of Defiance TSR9517 20
Shadowrun 1st ed Mercurial in concert FASA7302 16
Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Dreamchipper FASA7303 10
Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Grimoire FASA7106 10
Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Imago FASA7309 16
Shadowrun rpg 1st ed Total Eclipse FASA7308 10
SLA Industries Karma sup WOC1201 36
SLA Industries rulebook v.1.1 HP500 48
Spell of the Winter Wizard Endless Quest Book 115
Star Fleet Battles Captains Module P2 X-Ships13
STARDRIVE Campaign setting TSR2802sold
Starfleet Intelligence handbook - the First Line22
Stargrunt II SF Combat Rules 199621
Traveller rpg supp Marooned on Ghost Ring no map14
Traveller rpg T4 Starships18
Tunnels and Trolls first ed Arena of Khazan solo adventure 1224
Twilight:2000 rpg 511 Free City of Krakow sold
Twilight:2000 rpg 518 Kidnapped20
Twilight:2000 rpg 520 Mediterranean Cruisesold
Twilight:2000 rpg 526 NATO vehicle guidesold
Twilight:2000 rpg 527 White Eagle20
Ventrue Vampire Dark Ages novel 1214
VtM Cairo by Night sb WW2410 24.5
VtM Clanbook Assamite revised ed. WW235020.5
VtM Clanbook Brujah WW20516
VtM Clanbook Followers of Set revised ed. WW236025
VtM Clanbook Malkavian WW20539
VtM Clanbook Nosferatu revised ed. WW235424
VtM Clanbook Tzimisce revised ed. WW236125.5
VtM Giovanni Chronicles I the Last Supper WW209019
VtM Guide to the Anarchs hc36
Vtm Lore of the Clans Storyteller screen20
Vtm Players Guide hc46
Vtm Storytellers Companion 199822
VtM Storytellers handbook to the Sabbat WW2255 9
VtM The Elders Revenge playbook only MET WW5201 9
VtM The Hunters Hunted WW2205 19.5
VtM WoD The Mummy sb WW222114
Weird War II Afrika Korpse PEG13004 12
Weird War II Land of the Rising Dead PEG13006 12
World of the Petal Throne Tekumel supps Swords and Glory books 1 and 2134



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