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Superbabes rpg Return of the Ravagers Adventure


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Return of the Ravagers Adventure / supplement for Super babes (the Femforce role-playing game), Tri-city Games 1995.
Ex-shop SW open, may have associated ex-shop price / shop labels e.g. Valhalla. Good  to good + condition , though some slight shelf wear.

You will need Superbabes sourcebook to play. RPG based on characters from AC comics Femforce.

Reviews at Board Game Geek and RPGdotnet

From back:

Welcome back to the world of good clean fun! In “Return of the Ravagers” your characters aren’t asked to save the world from destruction, the country from ruin or even Aunt Martha’s car from a tree. Instead, they will be participating in the creation of this year’s newest mega-hit arcade fighting game. Move over Fatal Street Kombat, Ravagers is on its way!

Return of the Ravagers is an adventure designed for characters from 6th to 12th level