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WoD WW2470-72 Victorian Age: Vampire complete set (2002-03)


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Victorian Age: Vampire set of three rpg books. All are good plus to very good condition including spines. Victorian Age: Vampire source book is hardcover, the other two are softcovers. You will need a Vampire: the Masquerade core rule book or similar to play.

Complete set of three:

  • Victorian Age: Vampire – an historical setting sourcebook (WW2470 White Wolf, 2002)
  • London by Night – a City sourcebook (WW2471 White Wolf, 2002) and;
  • Victorian Age: Companion – a setting sourcebook (WW2472 White Wolf, 2003)

Reviewer on rpgdotnet thinks these rules are easily adaptable for all editions of Vampire: the Masquerade and Vampire: the Dark Ages as well as GURPS Vampire.

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