Mekton Zeta Invasion Terra bundle MK1101 and MK1801 (1995)


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MEKTON [Zeta] Invasion Terra pair. Original ex-shop shrink wrap (SW) open on some sides. Good plus both. Shrink wrap is 10+ years old.
Will retake photo and add more as soon as possible. KJ Jan 2024

  • MK1101 Mekton [Zeta] Wars 1: Invasion Terra – Mekton Zeta Tactical Scenarios, 1995, R. Talsorian Games.[Copy 1  G plus slightly open SW]


  • MK1801 Mekton Zeta Mecha Manual 2: the invasion Terra Files, 1995 R. Talsorian Games. The Mecha, Ships and Characters of Invasion Terra. [Good plus with SW]

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