Lightning Strike 1st ed. and supplement 2: A Call to Arms SW (1999)


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Lightning Strike and Lightning Strike Supplement 2: A Call to Arms. Dream Pod 9, 1999 approx.
Both are good to good plus condition in ex-shop Shrinkwrap (SW) – stickers /notes are on the SW. Ex-shop stock so may have shop sticker inside (Valhalla).
NB: there may be some components missing as per note on front of LS book.

This is the 1st edition of Lightning Strike: A tabletop miniatures game that uses 1:5000 scale for spaceships etc. and 1:500 scale for larger sized exo-armors and fighters. Since Jovian Wars edition in 2017 there has been a shift in scale.
See Jovian Chronicles website [Lightning Strike et al.] for more info and other resources.